Sunday, 19 August 2018.


In this section you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the development .

What’s going to be built at Chilmington Green?

Chilmington Green has been carefully designed and planned to create a new desirable community where people want to live and work. It will be based around a thriving high street with attractive, high quality homes set amongst parks and open spaces, with its own schools, shops, community facilities, as well as excellent public transport connections to Ashford town centre.

Why choose to create a whole new neighbourhood at Chilmington Green?

Building a large-scale new community, rather than lots of smaller ones dotted about the area, has significant benefits. The size means that additional facilities become viable such as a new secondary school, which is much needed and will be used by students throughout the Borough. During the planning process, many sites were investigated around Ashford. Chilmington Green was found to be the most suitable.

Why Ashford particularly? 

Ashford has fantastic travel connections, especially with the high-speed train link to London which make it an appealing location for businesses and for people looking to put down new roots. The expansion of Ashford will provide more jobs, shops, community, educational and leisure facilities which will help Ashford to become more competitive and better able to attract new businesses and opportunities.

How many houses are being planned, over what period?

In total 5,750 houses will be built at Chilmington Green, and this total will be developed in phases over a 20-25 year period.

Why do we need more housing?

There is a significant undersupply of housing nationally. The statistics are worrying – the Institute for Public Policy Research recently estimated a shortfall of 750,000 homes by 2025. Increasingly long housing waiting lists, the rising age profile of people still living with their parents, and household formation projections all point definitively to the need to increase housing supply. The Government has repeatedly stated that building more homes is a priority. Ashford is a growing town and to be a vibrant place of opportunity it needs to attract fresh business and provide aspirational housing for local people and newcomers.

When will construction work start? 

Initial infrastructure work is already underway at Chilmington Green and house building is expected to start in the first quarter of 2018.

How many houses are being built in the first phase? 

The current infrastructure works will support the development of around 1,500 houses in the first phase.

What type of house will be built? 

Chilmington Green will be a mix of different house types making up a development of real quality with the aim of creating a positive and lasting legacy for the town. A quality agreement has been established which, together with a design code, ensures that housebuilders and developers will work together to secure high-quality development.

How much of the development will be affordable housing? 

30% of the houses built at Chilmington Green will be classed as affordable.

How will existing infrastructure cope with the new development? 

A number of infrastructure improvements will be made, including:

  • Improving the alignment of the Matalan roundabout
  • Widening of the A28 road bridge over the railway, north of Matalan roundabout
  • The bridge widening will allow the entire section of the A28 between Matalan and Tank roundabouts to be duelled
  • Signalisation of the A28/Brunswick Road junction
  • A28/Loudon Way signalised junction modified to offer greater capacity, with an increase in lanes to facilitate greater turning and straight-ahead movements, plus full turning movements
  • Signalises Hilton Road to become exit only at its junction with the A28
  • Improving the alignment of the Tank roundabout

In addition a range of other road improvements will be made including the creation of a new road network within the development, the creation of attractive pedestrian and cycle routes, the provision of a regular and efficient bus service connecting the development with the town centre and traffic calming measures on the existing local routes so that their attractive rural character can be maintained.

The schools in the Borough are already full. Where will the children be educated?

Up to four new primary schools are planned as part of Chilmington Green, and the Stour Academy has already been selected to run the first new primary school, which is scheduled to open its doors in September 2019. In addition there will be a brand new secondary school that will serve the wider community and be a welcome boost to the educational facilities of the area.

Will there be new medical resources on site? 

Chilmington Green will have a new medical centre.

How sustainable will the development be?

All the new homes, shops and other buildings will be built to the very latest exacting standard of energy efficiency and sustainability. The standards achieved will far exceed that of any other existing housing development within the Ashford Borough.

How can I be kept informed about developments at Chilmington Green?

Please register your interest to be kept up to date of all news regarding the development.